Due to the similarity in their underlying blockchain technology, TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency coin has always been compared to Ethereum (ETH) and has even been popularly referred to as the EthereumKiller. However, in recent months, TRON is being increasingly compared with the well-established Ripple cryptocurrency.

At first look, both these cryptocurrencies are seeking mass adoption in completely different industry segments with Ripple focussed on the banking and financial industry and TRON centered in the digital entertainment industry.

Despite their many differences, these cryptocurrencies also enjoy a few similarities such as similar development model, negligible transaction fees, fast transfer speeds, and scalability.

So, which of these digital coins offer more investment potential and can TRON go on to replace Ripple as the preferred cryptocurrency for the future?

All about price expectations

According to CoinSwitch, Ripple is currently trading at a price of around $0.478 with a market cap of around $18 billion and an available supply of 39 billion coins. Comparatively, one can buy TRON coin at a much lower trading price of around $0.0419. TRON also has a lower market cap of $2 billion with a much higher available supply of 65 billion coins. Po.et coins are also a low investment forecasting long-term gains. 

Most cryptocurrency experts believe that Ripple is grossly undervalued at the current price and has the market potential to increase by around 10 times to reach a price of $3-5 or even to a high of $8-10 by the end of 2018. Rated among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, Ripple can offer high returns on investment with minimum risk.

On the other hand, TRON (or TRX) is currently ranked 10th in the list of cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap and has expanded its reach to over 30 countries across over 2500 nodes. As analysed by CoinSwitch,Tron Price Prediction suggests that this digital coin has already crossed its 38.2% extension mark and is currently close to its 50% extension mark at a price of $0.05076. Stronger selling of the coin can even push this crypto coin to its 61.8% extension mark or even the 78.6% extension mark at $0.054. The coin is also expected to reach a trading price of $1 by the year 2023, thus ensuring good returns for those who buy at the current levels.

TRON could also receive a major boost from the cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, which may list this cryptocurrency (instead of Ripple) for its low price and high trading volumes. Backed completely by its founder, Justin Sun and the TRON foundation, the TRX coin has achieved its current market position despite its comparative late entry into the world of cryptocurrencies.


With both TRON and Ripple focusing on their respective industry segments, the market development of both these cryptocurrency coins will be closely monitored by investors and industry experts. Thanks to its innovative founder, TRON has succeeded in capturing market attention and the technological revolution that it promises in the digital entertainment industry. Although there is no direct competition between these 2, industry experts are predicting that TRON has the potential to surpass Ripple in the long run.