Sacco was the first successful bean bag chair. It was designed in 1968 by three Italians: Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro. It was designed during the Italian Modernism period. Because this was a post-war movement, it spawned new manufacturing processes. Given the emphasis on design and the various movements taking place at the time, the shapeless chair Sacco was born. This chair's intended audience was the hippie community and the concept of non-conformist households. The introduction of such a chair was intended to be an attack on good bourgeois taste, as well as a non-chair to combat conformity.

Bean bags are more comfortable than other types of chairs. However, like any piece of furniture, its maximum comfort is dependent on how it is used. Although there is no such thing as a "perfect bean bag," there are many different types that will meet a variety of needs and purposes.

Simply put, to get the most out of your bean bags, you must choose the right type. This will be determined by where you intend to use it, your body shape and size, and the level of body support you require. Find below a list of some well-known bean bags:


The most common type of bean bag is the round type. It's shaped like a ball with a hollow centre where you're supposed to sit. When used regularly, this hollow usually grows deeper.

The elevated sides of a round bean bag can provide good lumbar and arm support.


Square bean bags are the next type of bean bag. It has the shape of a real chair because it has a backrest and armrest. If you're still not sure about a bean bag, a square bean bag might be your best bet.

The only disadvantage of a square bean bag is that it is the least flexible and adjustable of the three types. In comparison to other bean bags, they cannot fully adjust to your body shape, size, and sitting position because it is designed to retain its chair-like shape.

Gaming Bean Bag

The third type of bean bag is regarded as the best by the majority of users. The gaming bean bag is one of the most sought-after seating options.

A gaming bean bag chair is typically shaped like a teardrop, getting wider from the top to the edge. However, it, like the round bean bag, has a hollow centre where you're supposed to sit.

It is considered the best bean bag because it mimics your body shape and posture when sitting. It has a smooth top for your head and back and a full-size bottom and legs.

Despite long hours of use, this shape provides full-body support.

Elongated Bean Bag

The largest of the bunch. It can resemble the shape of a sofa due to its oval shape and longer hollow. So, if you're a big guy or you don't think you'll be using your bean bag alone, this is the best option. Many people prefer elongated bean bags to other types of bean bags because they can seat more people at once.

Novelty Bean Bag

It's a bean bags for kids. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as your favourite emoji, animal head, or ball. Most novelty chairs are shaped similarly to round and square chairs. They also provide the same level of comfort.

Just keep in mind that, regardless of the type, proper use is required to maintain its best quality.